Our Reputation

Wellness Today serves Delaware and the surrounding areas

Sueann H.

"I can't say enough about Wellness Today.  Lisa and her staff are wonderful. She is truly concerned about the well- being of her clients physically, mentally and emotionally. Every one of Lisa's staff that I've met have been very knowledgeable about fitness and always take the time to answer questions or make suggestions. I have been a faithful participant in the fitness classes for many years and will continue for as long as they are offered and hopefully that is for a long time to come." 

Kevin B.

"The staff at the Fitness Center have been tremendous to work with over the past 4 years. During that time they have helped me reduce my weight from 216 lbs to 186 pounds. The staff is extremely polite and courteous and always offering suggestions to improve my workout or add some variety to it. They are also very friendly and a pleasure to work with. My workout has gone from being a chore to being one of the best parts of my day!"

Gwen K.

"We are truly lucky to have Wellness Today working with our fitness center.  I have been involved wight he fitness program they offer for three years and they are an asset to the center!  Their knowledgeable staff is always ready and willing to assist you.  The positive attitudes they have always motivate me to continue to work out.  The group fitness classes offered by Wellness Today are the reason why I come to the gym and I like that anyone can take them...no matter what your fitness level.  They are the best!"  

Jo T.

"I had the pleasure of working with Lisa and her organization for at least 10 years.  Because of Lisa's inspiration and those on her team, I enjoy better health.  Lisa's enthusiasm and professionalism is something special, she really takes an interest in and cares about those in her fitness programs.  She and those on her team, take the time to  make sure people are doing the exercises correctly, which is very important.  Many people who have never worked for a company that provides a fitness program, don't realize what a benefit it is.  They've always designed programs for us that can work with our schedules and the facilities available and frequently use feedback from us to change the programs when necessary.  Because of this, we've been able to sample many of the latest fitness programs available without leaving the building.  In summary, I think we are fortunate to have Wellness Today managing our fitness programs.  They have been a tremendous asset to the mental and physical health of the employees here."

Kimm G.

"My decision to work with Tasha one-on-one has taken my fitness training to
a new level. Tasha’s tremendous positive energy and encouragement has
helped to keep me motivated and pushed me beyond what I would do on
my own. Tasha ensures accountability and has an eye for safety and adjusts
her training to meet my needs." 

Sharon B.

"I came into Wellness Today almost a year ago with zero confidence in myself and low expectations, but a sincere desire to change my life.  I bonded instantly with Lisa, whose warmth and empathy were my primary reason for signing up.  She is truly authentic and genuinely cares about each and every one of her clients. Her emotional support has guided me through many obstacles in my journey, and although I am a work in progress, I see a significant change in my body, mind, and especially my spirit.  I felt like I was a part of the Wellness Today “family” from day one.  Lisa chose Clint as my personal trainer who was surely sent from Heaven, and although I call him the devil from time to time, he is gentle and kind.  He is always positive, he is non-judgmental, and he inspires me to push myself to the next level.  He believes in me when I don’t believe in myself and I thank him for that.  Clint and Lisa and the rest of the gang have exceeded my expectations and have given me the courage to make changes in my life!  The journey is slow and the work is hard, but I am here for the long haul and enjoying every moment."